Monday, July 16, 2007


My first day at Business Place was a remarkable one, firstly I was taken to my working station, where there was a desktop computer and an office desk already set out for me. Buli showed around and introduced to some staff members. This was followed by a brief induction on the operations of the organization by my mentor.

I was so thrilled to have secured an internship position with Business Place. The idea of moving from humanities to finance is fascinating. As a B.A graduate, moving into the business environment is a shift that will expose me to a world of finance and entrepreneurial ship.

My mentor, Tracy, graceful gave me a guideline of what was expected of me on my first day. She then urged me to work with tenacity. The first assignment was to assist in organizing two upcoming workshops. This involved creating a database and making calls inviting all prospective clients who would be interested in attending the respective workshops. Each step in this internship is going to take me closer to the ultimate goal of developing a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of business management and entrepreneurship.


Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

This is really great. It is always good to get into an organisation that deals with your areas of interest and also contributes to your career development and individual growth. Well done Maxwell. I am also glad that like Beauty, Susan A., Mbuso, Valentin,Susan M and Bruce your first day went well.

Susan Arthur said...

sounds like a great place to be working, with lots of opportunities to be bouncing ideas around! How do you see yourself fitting into this organisation? What's the culture like? How have you found the people?

Best of luck, please keep us posted!

Thomas Blaser said...

You already sound like the manager. Maxwell, it looks like you will take over the place soon. Hopefully, you will be able to join the walk next year. It was lots of fun.