Friday, July 20, 2007

Small Business; Big Possibilities

This week we successfully hosted two network sessions for our clients mainly in the small to medium enterprises (SME). Plascon Advisory services facilitated a network session which targeted those in construction industry. The network session focused on how entrepreneurs can become fully accredited Plascon Applicators. Whilst the City of Johannesburg presented the second network forum, informing entrepreneurs on how to get registered on the City of Johannesburg Supplier Database so as to be eligible for quoting tenders and contracts.

The impacts of such network sessions go a long way in helping small businesses become more competitive and grow. It is through sharing knowledge that we can grow as individuals, and as nation. The networking session are providing turnaround support, which includes developing market linkages and transference of skills to the emerging entrepreneurs.


Thomas Blaser said...

It looks like you are doing interesting work. I think this is an area in which SA is doing not well: creating and supporting medium and small enterprises. And yet, they are the ones who create many jobs. I suspect there is still much too much red tape to register a business.

Yeukai Chikwizo said...

This is so impressing Maxwell. Helping small and medium businesses grow is one thing that will turn our developing nations around. Your comments are brilliant.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Maxwell, I would be very interested in knowing what kinds of services your organisation offers to individuals who are interested in starting their own businesses.

Valentin said...

It look like you've been enjoying yourself at work.
I believe that you are really learning a lot new things as well.
All the best! Speak to you soon!


Valentin said...

It seems that you job is quite exciting and a lot of fun.
I hope you are enjoying it there!